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Monday, May 10, 2010

Buying products online - NZ wholesalers

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Living in Australia or NZ, one is inclined to pay too much if you buy store-stocked products. This is reason enough to buy online from places like http://excsur.com. This outfit served my step-sister in Australia, so I don't know if they service NZ. Ask them. There are many such online outfits. Obviously its better if they have a local office. I bought my Toshiba laptop online for $NZ560, with an extra battery from a group in Auckland called Playtech - see www.playtech.co.nz. Often you come across these groups by doing a search for popular items like computers. i.e. These wholesalers are often listed on price-comparison websites.
In Japan, I bought a GPS from another group - forget the name of that group, but they were British international. Ex??.com.
A lot of these companies offer free shipping, but of course its the total price value. There are certain things you want to buy in-store. Some things are hard to buy, like business shirts. You need to make sure you know how to measure your size by their standards. Your tailor might have different fitting standard to them.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberals would make Hitler proud

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Wanganui NZ is the host to the United Nations 'Peace with Justice' conference. Basically the conference is stacked with politicians, liberals, bureaucrats and the like....all people detached from reality by virtue of other people' money, whether its a rich grandfather, government salary, a non-representative political system, or simply another form of default, whether a history of family abuse or self-loathing. Why do I say that? Well this is the basis upon which these people exist. Their scheme on this occasion is 'Peace with Justice'. Their stated purpose is:
"A world without weapons of mass destruction and with climate change solutions that put people at it’s centre".
The problem with this cause is that they will not achieve their goal. Why? It is not a reasonable objective; its based on false premises; and these are precisely the type of people who will achieve nothing. They are not the solution, they are the problem.
Let's explore some of their issues. Nuclear weapons have contributed more than anything in the current world to the protection of people. Why? Nuclear weapons protects potential victims. People are potential victims of collectivism; that is any philosophy which subjugates facts to perceptions, or any 'majority' who professes to represent the majority. It is no coincidence that organisations like this are alligned with socialists, animal liberationists, welfare advocates, climate change doomsdayers. They have a common scheme - humanity is evil, he has to be restrained from his selfish ways, and the common good involves ....the pursuit of peace, climatic steady-state and justice. Sounds good...but the devil is in the detail.
The problem is that peace is not the standard of value, life is; as well as any measure which protects it. In such issues the basic unit of consideration is the individual, thus such groups ought to be seeking to enshrine individual rights. On this issue the UN is ambivalent because whilst the various UN Declarations and other conventions attempt to protect individual rights, they do so with dubious vigour. These were the noble objectives of the UN in the post-WWII period. Today the values of the organisation are clouded by collectivist philosophy which has seen Keynesian style policies. i.e. Governments running a sequences of credit-financed boom & busts, whilst underfunding regulation of CEOs, etc who bring the market into disrepute. This was of course the intention - to discredit markets, the selfishness of market participants, when it was all orchestrated by governments to keep them in power. The focus of the UN on justice, peace and global warming is a side-show to deliver collectivist - the basic form of socialism. By no means is socialism dead. In every generation it is reinvented. This generation is disparaging global warming and animal rights.
Interestingly, I have never heard an animal rights advocate show any concern for farmers who raise animals. Their interests are 'collateral damage', as they seek to use their political influence over the uninformed, uncritical thinking electorate to extort political concessions from government. Hardly a cause likely to deliver peace, but was that ever their objective. How can you have peace without a discussion of values. Why the focus on peace. If they are seriously interested in peace, they ought to be focused on solving problems, i.e. conflict resolution. In that respect, they do not have the capacity because they are the problem. They lack the values, the cognitive (critical thinking) capabilities and objective to deliver. Instead they, along with liberals in the media and government-sponsored academics are inducing a sense of guilt, social obligation and peer group pressure which is actually pushing us towards collectivism. They are so concrete-bound they know not what they do.
On my global warming blog you can read about the misinformation about global warming. The reason that no politicians are pushing emissions trading anymore because they are awakening to the fact that its a huge scam perpetrated by academics with no respect for objectivity. On my politics blog you can likewise learn why governments are not the solution but the problem, and why such non-government organisations (NGOs) like UNANZ are simply an extension of the same con job. Finally you can more about how society is being conned into recognition of rights for animals, with a greater zeal than Adolf Hitler. Why do you think Hitler wanted to elevate the rights of animals. Do you think it was love of animals or loathing of humanity? Such is the sense of life of these pithy liberals who are not going to deliver freedom, they are going to give greater powers to government to take it away, whether to protect animals (i.e. more regulation), protect the environment (i.e. more regulation) or peace (more rights). The problem is not that they want to protect these things, the problem is they want to protect people with arbitrary rights which will only destroy your prospects of achieving rights.
Most people will fail to grasp the intelligence of this article.... a testimony to your lack of conceptual integration. Read on....these is plenty more explanation. Rome was not built in a day. The thing to remember is that any arbitrary defined right is not a protection, its an obligation or a noose around your head. Grasp that and you will grasp your political legacy and future. When your right to education or whatever constitutes a claim on other people, it is apparent the whole concept of rights has been soiled. Government is a middleman who needs to justify its existence. It does not want to solve problems, it exists by burying you in them. Just like a stockbroker wants to buy & sell stock for you, the government corners both sides of the market, by creating the problem, and creating the perception of being a solution....have you ever seen that happen by the hand of government. Complex problem? Certainly, they have the majority fooled.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The most inaccessible country in the world

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I am willing to bet that NZ is the most inaccessible place to go in the world. Its terrible! Whether you are flying in or out. The good news is that flights are not so expensive anymore. The problem is:
1. Trying to get connections
2. Trying to get flights at reasonable times

I have tried all types of routes to get to the Philippines. I have looked at leaving from Wellington or Auckland. I've looked at flights through Melb, Sydney, Gold Coast, so I could get a cheap flight with Asia Asia. The problem I have is connections. Each requires staying overnight in Australia. Why? Because the NZ flights leave too late, or don't fly direct. I can't even get to Melbourne by noon.

This is not the first time I've had this problem. Its a constant problem. Of course I can always fly Air NZ. Great service, but never competitively priced. I remember attending a conference in Wellington, and I had to fly the day after in order to get back to Sydney, and I had the same problem arriving.

Telephone service with Jetstar is pretty poor, though their flights are cheap.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Large companies have disappointing ethics - supporting scams

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Here is an example of another large company engaging in unethical business practices. We warned Vodafone NZ about their activities over a month ago, and they are still carrying out the activity. They refused to refund us, but they did give us 20c credit to cancel the service.

Here is the scam. If you go to a website like this - a major newspaper - and you see an IQ test on the side left bar. It invites you into doing a test. Of course if you are curious, you engage as its free right. Continue on and you get to a point where you think you have to enter your tel number in order to get the IQ test result. You don't at this point know if you are paying for the test result, but you suspect that the tel number will be used for an advertising service, or follow up email.

What you don't see is the disclaimer because it is out of view. If you have a small netbook like me, then you will not even see the disclosure, which is not even in the same dialogue box as the box where you place your tel number. Clearly this is designed to be misleading.

Days later after my GF placed my cell phone number into this box, my cell phone credits were emptied. We contacted Vodafone, who refused to reimburse us. They did give us a 20c credit to cancel the scheme. We attempted to contact the company behind the scheme. The only number goes to a call centre in the Philippines. They were useless, but we were given a number in the USA. They were also useless.

This is the way business is going - international rackets to earn punitive, misleading fees. Banks started the process, and now telephone companies are going the same way. Of course maybe you think its just $20. Not worth complaining about.....but look at the banks...its $25 for an overdraft, its $20 for a zero balance. Sometimes you don't chose these things, they are imposed. You are buried in rules, such that you cannot live a life without a lawyer. And who would sue a person for $20. You would sooner slit your throat...or as most people do...simply repress it.

Everyone I know is repressed...except my immediate partner. People don't think because thinking only exposed your vulnerability to corporations engaging in scams. This is the world as structured by the "representative democratic" tradition. The politicians like this because it leaves them in political power, whilst their corporate affiliates loot you. They underfund regulatory agencies so you have no capacity to complain. For the hell of it - I suggest complaining here - http://www.comcom.govt.nz/online-complaint-form/
You might just receive an email explaining that they are under-resourced. I've heard it all before. The same crap in Australia.

'Buying NZ Property – Download the free sample readings!

NZ presents some of the most alluring property in the Western World; particularly given the greater easy of residency, the low cost of property, and the liveability of the country. In addition, there is no capital gains tax, transfer taxes, VAT/GST or wealth taxes in NZ, so rest assured that NZ property is tax-effective! Learn more now!

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