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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dr Don Brash in bid for ACT Party leadership

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The ACT Party appears to be heading for oblivion...no thanks to the media whom make every effort to disparage the party for the follies of one leader - Rodney Hide - with constant 'beat ups' over issues that are really not so significant. One is inclined to think that the media does this because it wants to protect its dominance over political discourse. A minor party is probably going to reform a media which gives it no standing.
What can we make of Dr Don Brash's move to unseat the leader of the ACT Party in the 11th hour - just 6 months out from an election. Is it possible this was a last minute effort for a National Party member (tied to the government) to discredit the party? Perhaps not, but it will serve Brash anyway by giving him extra profile. Consider the strategic benefits:
1. Brash attempts to become leader of ACT - in effect making it part of the National Party
2. Brash cannot win leadership contest - in the process implying that ACT is essentially the same as National's, but at the same time discrediting or casting dispersions upon the Hide leadership.

It is interesting that the National Party likes to retain Rodney Hide as a coalition partner. I think it has two possible reasons for doing so. Having him in the coalition gives him greater standing in ACT, but ACT less popularity in the electorate as Hide is not liked. It appears to be a strategic move to keep the ACT Party a minority party. This seems to have been confirmed by PM Key, when he said he would not support ACT if Hide was not its leader. He has since changed his mind; perhaps because outsiders might understand their party strategy.

Brash is not a stranger to strategising either. He has signalled that Auckland former mayor John Banks will stand for election in the seat of Epsom if he is appointed leader of the party. This is perceived as laughable by those outside. It is a good strategy. I suspect Hide might fold if he knows that Banks could end up running in his seat. Why? Better to be deputy leader of a more popular party than have no electorate at all. The reality is that Brash would likely win a few seats for ACT, and it might even win over some defectors from the National Party. This is improbable because Key is popular....but bankbenchers in the National Party who already have a lifetime pension might decide that its better to be a player in a small party with the balance of power than playing no role in a major party. This could therefore be interesting times for NZ.

Reading about Dr Don Brash in Wikipedia, one has to conclude that he is not a very good leadership prospect. He was a bureaucrat, who supported economic rationalism of the old, and talks in simple measures about social policy. He is the type of person who fits in the ACT Party - but then he seems like another Rodney Hide. Maybe he should be 'metaphorically' sleeping with Rodney Hide (secretly) rather than unseating him. There must be a cartoon here. Perhaps one with Brash and Hide in the same Queen-size bed, with each wanting to sleep on the right side.

Certainly the ACT Party should be looking for a new leader. Should it bother anyone that Brash has no history with the ACT Party; that he is launching a leadership challenge without being a member? No, its of no significance, though it might be hard for the membership to trust him if he has no existing relationship. The reality is that he might give the party credibility. The problem of course is that he will bring the same old politics to a struggling party. You might expect some competition, but it will just be the same dog fight under democracy. Should we expect something different from such leadership? No. Its more of the same.

I personally would support Brash in the short term...if only for the sake that I might be wrong. But I'd hope that the party would in the future be open to a better prospect. But would the ACT Party know one if they saw one? I doubt it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Offshore oil development blessing for NZ

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The protest against offshore drilling does not “highlight the dangers of oil spills”, it represents complete ignorance of oil exploration and discovery, with no consideration of the benefits. Firstly, oil is an indispensible ‘global commodity’. If there is to be exploration, the best place for it is in the remotest part of the world, such as north-west of NZ. Suggests that fracking chemicals present a toxic threat is absurd given the volumes involved. Of course such campaigning is compelling news for those whose contempt for mankind extends back to biblical times.
Notwithstanding the (still uncertain) consequences of the Gulf of Mexico spill, the solution is a better legal framework, not misinformation intended to extort political appeasement under the existing system. In this respect, the protesters will be part of the problem, and will have no impact upon government policy.
I presume the protesters will ride bikes to Castlecliff Beach and plant trees to achieve offsetting carbon abatement credits for the senseless burning of trees on the beach. Most oil spills result from tanker transportation, whether collisions or groundings during storms. The worst spill was caused by the Iraqis in the Gulf War. Well blow-outs are a relatively rare event, and any comparison between development in the Gulf of Mexico (I estimate 50,000 drill holes) compared to around 300 all over NZ is stark. We would be so lucky to have a ‘gusher’. Perhaps they ought to lobby car manufacturers for more fuel-efficient engines. Why don’t they finance engine technology enthusiasts? The potential wealth flowing from a NZ oil discovery would actually allow the government to finance more tangible conservative values.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some of the better NZ bands

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An Aussie living in NZ can struggle for music. Among my favourite NZ bands and I am an oldie (80s child) are:
1. Straitjacket Fits - 'She Speeds' - I think the NZ version is 'Sheep Speed' or 'Sheep & pe'. I think they would be classed as a one hit wonder.
2. The Chills - a more successful NZ band - see 'Pink Frost', 'Heavenly Pop Hit' and my favourites 'Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn' and 'Brave Words', 'Creep'

Monday, April 11, 2011

Discount airlines flying to New Zealand

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There are a number of discount airlines servicing New Zealand. I just found a new one - so I thought I would provide a list of the discount airlines now that I am aware of:
1. China Southern Airlines - See their website. They fly to Sydney, Brisbane, and soon to Auckland (NZ). Looking at their website, its a shocker. A sign that Chinese companies just have no idea about customer service. They are expensive too, but more importantly, it would be a nightmare to compare prices. I'd hate to think about the actual flight expensive. I am having flashbacks of a Garuda flight years ago...when they lost my luggage for 4 days. I went to a conference in Goa (India) in my Bali shorts.
2. Air Asia X Airlines - See website. They are based in Kuala Lumpur, so this will most likely be your transit point. The positive aspects about KL is that its a pretty attractive city, far cheaper than Singapore, just as beautiful, without being as clinical, or broadly as authoritarian...just tight on the social values, so you probably shouldn't feel your GF's legs at the dinner table. They fly to Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney I think, as well as Christchurch (NZ).
4. Jetstar - Jetstar is a Qantas subsidiary, so they fly out of all Australian cities, as well as Auckland and Christchurch. They probably represent the best value, but the service is often dodgy. I've had many issues. i.e. Like telling my family they can't fly through Sydney when they knew we could. They refused to listen until the nth hour. Yes, that's you Page in Christchurch. Problem with Australian immigration as well. They didn't know the rules.
5. Pacific Blue - see website. They fly out of most Australian cities to NZ, Asia, etc. I always find them more pricey than Jetstar. Recently they curtailed their flights inside of NZ, so they have a more limited offering now.

Air NZ is of course a more expensive service provider, and they come highly regarded. Frankly I tend to risk it on Jetstar. The flights are cheap, the planes are great, so I suffer the risk and impertinence of poorly trained staff and web sites with 9-page contracts, and a Filipino call centre which functions inefficiently.

In fact, Jetstar in an alliance with Australian Immigration are causing a lot of international travellers transitting in Australia a lot of grief. They are a real heartbreaker because people fly through Australia, and certain travellers from certain countries are not aware that their country is not covered by a certain convention. Rather than place them on a flight which would allow them to transfer in Australia, they are obliged to wait until the NZ airport immigration counter opens to get a temporary visa to stay within the confines of Australia's airports for less than 8 hours. How accommodating is my government? Fascist idiots to be sure! That rule pertains to people with checked in baggage. Don't ask me why. We were wrongly affected by this rule. On another trip we saw other people affected. It is government ruining people's lives. Some of these people don't have the money to stay in a hotel until the airline can rebook them because immigration officers work normal hours. :(
Its a problem for NZ too because its the Australian government ruining the lives of people in NZ, so the problem reflects on NZ. And guess what - Jetstar makes money from the process. These people have to rebook their flights, and Jetstar charges them a rebooking fee. They might even have to get a more expensive flight. We were different - we actually complied with the rule - its just that the Australian Immigration officer who responds to Jetstar inquiries at 6AM did not know the rules. Jetstar - not helpful - despite my partner's knowledge of the facts. We went on the website to prove it to them. Fortunately for us we had laptops. We saw this happen again. That is too frequent.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

NZ kids given false hopes for peace and security

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Here is an interesting story. I just wanted to apologise to the members of the United Nations General Assembly who were given the illusion of empowerment recently. They were coaxed into thinking superficially that they had some importance, that arguments mattered, and they had some influence. Most of all I wanted to apologise to them for the despicable education offered. They probably learned that democracy offered real participation; that capitalism is evil for polluting the environment; that Libya will be a better place if it was a democracy; that it’s a choice of democracy or authoritarianism. They also seem to be under the illusion they are going into space. Let me reassure them that their feet will never be allowed to leave the ground because escalating statism will sooner take them into the Dark Ages. More planes will crash, and we have yet to reach bottom before we ever achieve such feats. Your idiotic parents just don’t think. You never had a chance.

Mercedes Benz A160 for sale, Wanganui

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Anyone coming to NZ for a holiday looking to purchase a car. Here is an option for you. We are selling a Mercedes Benz A160. For $NZ7500 (about $A or US$5000) you can purchase a 1999 Mercedes in good condition, with 96,600kms on the odometer. The car has just completed its warranty of fitness, it has near-new tyres, has a recent oil change, and its an elegant, fuel efficient 1600cc car. It is great for travelling around NZ.
You can check out our advertisement at:

My partner and I are travelling overseas, so we don't need a 2nd car in NZ. If you are interested you can reach me on my email. I can pick up anyone who wants to buy it from a local bus or train station, as I appreciate that travellers might want to look at it upon arriving in NZ. Wanganui is 6hours south of Auckland, 2hours north of Wellington, however Wanganui does have its own airport. Intercity Bus services offer the next best means of getting here for $40-60 each.

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